Fake media still alive

pic by FoxNews

NYT overstated child deaths from Covid by 840,000! We can make mistakes but some news outlets often do this then barely admit or correct their statements.

People wonder I they deliberately lie because they nearly always follow an extreme left narrative. People continue to leave fake media outlets, joining media who tell the truth and encourage open discussion.

Keep declaring fake media (including social media) fall and tell the truth, honest media like Gab Getrr OAN and others thrive

Fox News: contributor Joe Concha joined ‘America’s Newsroom’ Monday blasting the New York Times for overstating kids’ COVID hospitalizations after the publication misreported upwards of 800,000 cases.

The allegation gets 1,000 times more coverage than the correction. “The New York Times” was off by 840,000 hospitalizations of children with Covid. Plus, and this is very important, by the way. There is no accountability.


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