Facts about election fraud not going away

pic by FoxNews

Windham Senate Pasadena resolution 24-0 to audit their election results. Republicans won overwhelmingly in Senate and Congress but computers removed Republican votes giving Biden an extremely suspicious and overwhelming win in the presidential race.

As I said before, to cheat on such a massive scale you have to be really really smart. Obviously Democrats and operators are not up to it.

Keep praying justice and truth prevail.

Gatewaypundit: The “Windham Incident” has brought people together from all political ideologies… and it is amazing.

Last week, the Senate passed an amendment, … that would FORCE the state to perform an audit on the Windham State Rep race on November 3, 2020.

It passed 24-0. Let that sink in! 24-0! That is quite a statement that reflects our desire to have accurate elections. The House will pick up the baton this week – and I’m hopeful that it flies through.

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