Dr. Paul Addresses Dr. Fauci’s Mishandling of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Fauci said masks do not work then later said they are effective. When confronted, we find he lied about masks being effective so people would not buy the n95 masks. Fauci told Congress and the public, covid-19 has a 1% fatality rate but in an e-mail he says 0.4%!

The NIH received an email thanking them for money, approved by Fauci, to support gain of function research. The NIH defined gain of function but Fauci says, “It is not gain of function!”

Only 2% of the population, who are over 55 years of age and have two or more pre-existing conditions, are affected by covid-19 yet Fauci says, vaccinate everyone. The common flu is ten times more dangerous than covid-19 but he also wants children vaccinated. Fauci also says vaccinate people who already have immunity!

What is wrong with this man? Why is he still an advisor when he lies to the public, lies to Congress, then contradicts science and common sense?

NewsMax: Sen Paul talks about Fauci and Convid-19


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