Cry out to God!

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There are undecided seats in all three areas of government. To have a comfortable working majority in the Senate, key to installing Court justices, the Republicans must win 54 seats. Currently only 51 seats are certain and three up in the air.

Lord we proclaim Republicans win Mississippi, Florida and Arizona Senate seats. We declare all fraud be exposed and prosecuted, AMEN

Let’s be strong in faith and proclaim Republicans gain all further seats in the Senate, House and Governors.

Republican currently hold 51 seats. Democrats hold 46 seats.
Two key Senate races remain undecided, and Mississippi will head to a runoff November 27.

Arizona: Republican Martha McSally (49.4%) vs. Democrat Kyrsten Sinema (48.4%)
(Note: In Arizona, CNN estimates 600,000 votes remain to be counted.)

Florida: Republican Rick Scott (50.1%) vs. Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson (49.9%)
(Note: In Florida, the margins are narrow enough that it’s possible there could be an automatic recount. An automatic recount is triggered when the margin is .5% or less. A hand recount is triggered when the margin is .25% or less.)

Democrats so far have picked up a net of 31 seats in the House of Representatives, with 11 key races still undecided. That brings the current balance of power tally to 225 Democratic-held seats to 199 Republican seats.

Democrats have picked up seven governors’ seats, giving them control of 23 governors. Republicans control 26.
There is still one race that has not been decided, and another race where an automatic recount could still occur.
Georgia: Republican Brian Kemp (50.3%) vs. Democrat Stacey Abrams (48.7%)

An automatic recount is possible in the Florida governor’s race between Republican Ron DeSantis and Democrat Andrew Gillum, even though Gillum has conceded the race. Here’s the state of the race: DeSantis has 49.6% of the vote to 49.1% for Gillum. An automatic recount will be triggered if that margin drops to .5% or below.


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