Conservative speech under threat

Sis. Ingraham may have a good point here. Why do Democrats want to censure FB after FB poured so much money into the Democrats 2020 campaign? FB is now under investigation for illegal contributions to the 2020 election so some of their financial support may have been illegal!

Remember the fake Trump/Russia hoax started by Hillary Clinton? Remember Jan 6th where conservatives are now in solitary confinement, for simply entering Congress, after security opened the doors!

We know FB deleted their conservative President off the platform. FB are cancelling people who ask questions about 2020 election fraud. They also cancel people who query Covid treatments and vaccines. We are seeing similar trends in other countries.

Keep declaring fake media, including social media, fall and tell the truth

FoxNews: Laura Ingraham: Conservative speech under threat

Oct. 06, 2021 – 11:53 – Could Facebook outrage from the left just be a clever way to rev up the speech police against alternative points of view ahead of the election – all under the guise of protecting the children?

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