Conservatism moving forward

Are these WEF people coming down? Biden, Macron, Ardern, extreme leftists and now Boris! People know in their hearts what is good, right and honest. God has written his laws on their hearts, their conscience accusing or perhaps excusing them.

We are witnessing shifts away from the extreme left to conservative Judeo/Christian values. This is how God made man so let’s keep standing for the truth, keep sharing, keep praying then this shift away from the radical left will continue.

FoxNews: Johnson was elected as a conservative but governed as a liberal. Massive commitments to net zero, raising taxes, increasing the size of the state… To many traditional conservatives, he was unrecognizable as a conservative, and so now he will have that wing of the conservative party who were effectively,… middle of the road Social Democrats against more traditional conservatives, and that’s what the battle is going to be. I just don’t know.

All I do know is if I look across the Western world, whether it’s America, Britain, Australia, wherever we go, when conservative parties stop being conservative, guess what? They lose elections. So I think this is a big moment for British conservatism. There’s going to be a furious battle of ideas over the next few months.

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