Arizona audit reveals criminal activity

There are 255,000 early ballots which did not have an early ballot entry. Where did those ballots come from? 23,000 voters moved from their registered home address therefore not eligible to vote. 23,000 double ballots were counted so 11,500 ballots are not eligible to be included in the results. There were 9,000 more ballots counted than mailed out so where did those ballots come from?

Be strong in faith declaring Arizona, Pennsylvania and Georgia flip Blue to Red, as prophesied by Lou Engle ministry

The administrators log was deleted from the main computer so we could not identify who did what, when and how! It has been undeleted but no details of it’s contents yet. Machines were also connected to the Internet so election results could be changed in real time. Election officials have refused to give auditors the machines and routers which would confirm all cheating but a deal has now been reached for access.

Remember before the counting was stopped at 10pm, Trump was leading by a huge margin. Most cheating uncovered so far is happening to favour Democrats. All these 298,500 suspicious ballots in Arizona, changed the outcome of the election to favour Biden by 10,000 votes.

The Arizona Senate has given the results to the AG which shows the Senate suspects criminal activity which the AG will investigate.

Keep praying strength and courage for Arizona AG, pray all relevant information be collected from the machines and routers, keep declaring all fraudsters be brought to justice

OANN: The results are in from the Arizona legislature of the Maricopa County election audit.

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