2020 elections according to God’s promises

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Lou Engle was given a prophecy that Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona will flip Republican in the 2020 election. Yesterday Giuliani said Trump’s best chances of winning are in these three States!

Keep declaring wisdom and revelation for Trump’s legal team to win their cases, that Trump wins 2020 according to God’s promises.

NewsMax: The new effort by President Donald Trump’s legal team asking the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn three Pennsylvania Supreme Court decisions is just the first of many efforts to overturn what they see as a fraudulent election, Trump personal attorney Rudy Giuliani tells Newsmax TV.

“You have to go state by state,” he told “Spicer & Co.” host Sean Spicer on Monday, acknowledging even a victory in the case would only net 20 electoral votes — not enough to give Trump the 270 needed to secure reelection.

“I remember an old adage that I learned from baseball,” Giuliani said. “When you’re down by 10 runs, you can’t score 10 runs on one hit. So you got to get one run at a time. So the way I look at it, we have to win one of these legislatures. I think we have three good ones to pick from: Pennsylvania, and Georgia, and Arizona.”

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