Watchmen on the wall

During the three years outside, we continued interceding for the five nations God laid on our hearts; New Zealand, the States, Malaysia, Israel and home. We continue to be faithful to these calls, as well as focusing on the job at hand. Although we are not young and cannot do as much as we did thirty years ago, I say to Faith “We do what we can and the Lord will do the rest”. The work is great, but relying on the Lord makes the burden light.

We are pleased to see New Zealand, the States and Malaysia making turns towards righteousness, with righteous Governments in New Zealand and Malaysia. We continue praying for righteousness because both countries have a way to go and we must keep up the pressure.

Praise God for the House Speaker Mike Johnson, bringing righteousness and sanity back to the House. Praise God also for the Rowe/Wade decision bringing righteousness to those States who choose wisely. Thank god also for a mighty pro-Israel rally in DC.

We continue to pray for Pres. Trump and his multiple, fraudulent and unjust cases. We thank God for Trump’s success in cases trying to stop him running in 2024. We also continue praying for election integrity, “The Deep State” to hang on their own gallows (Cindy Jacobs) and “The People” to pursue justice re the jabs. “Justice delayed is justice denied”, former Senator Trey Gowdy. Enormous challenges remain in the States, New Zealand and Malaysia so we continue watching and praying.

Israel is our immediate challenge, praying success against all her enemies and freedom for the hostages, until there is peace. Many years ago the Holy Spirit laid on my heart, pray Israel have supernatural skills in developing weapons to protect themselves. In the wilderness God gave Israel skill to build the temple. Until now, we do not know how they were able to make the Menorah, out of one piece of gold. Obviously God gave them wisdom and skill, beyond their ability.

Now Israel now has the world’s first AI tank, a great advancement from God and prayer answered. We pray wisdom, insight, strength and courage for Israel to finish the job at hand. Keep praying for the “Peace of Jerusalem” as God commands.

Recently Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacobs and others encouraged the body to keep pressing in. They prophesied this is a time of great struggle, so we must keep praying and interceding for righteousness to prevail. The spiritual forces are great and taking the easy road will not bring success. We continue pressing in for our home nation, until the last curtain.

Your watchmen

Tim & Faith

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