The greatest Covid tragedy, the unTreated

The greatest tragedy of the Covid pandemic is hospitals and doctors refusing treatment of Covid patients and preventing the use of effective treatments. Florida was using antibody treatments with great effect, saving thousands of lives.

Then Biden said he will ontrol the distribution of antibody medicine so all States can use them, limiting Florida’s use. Now he is restricting some antibody treatments claiming they do not work against Omicron! Is that really true or is this another tactic to push the dangerous vaccines?

Vaccines are not protecting people with 61% fully vaxed and 51% boosted getting Covid, according to Israeli MOH. Why isn’t Biden stopping vaccines?

Dr. Fauci has already been implicated in preventing previous treatments and having financial links to Moderna vaccines. Is he also implicated in preventing treatments being available?

Florida Surgeon General is bold, not enforcing masks and now claiming Biden is preventing treatments!

Keep declaring Governments follow the science, end lock downs, end mandates and drop the passports, provide treatments of HCQ IVM and antibodies, the People stand up speaking the truth to Government officials and media

FoxNews: Biden administration recently paused shipments of COVID-19 antibody treatments manufactured by major drug companies Regeneron and Eli Lilly amid claims that such treatments are not effective against the omicron variant of the coronavirus.

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