Prayer has failed!

These are the words Rees Howells uttered when WW2 began. The college had been praying the war would not happen but despite all the prayers, they were not able to stop one of the worst wars in human history. Rees Howells announced to the college, “Prayer has failed, only intercession will bring us through!” No one had heard of such a statement but experienced intercessors know the difference between prayer and intercession.

Over the following weeks the Bible College changed into an intercessory meeting. Rees called the students and faculty to lay down their call and intercede. Some students chose to leave and follow their call. The remaining staff and students began a solemn assembly, seeking God’s face for his will. The Holy Spirit spoke to some about the cost, to others about repentance and others about a new level of consecration and obedience. It took some time for everyone to come through but after getting victory in their own lives, the college began praying for the allies against the Nazis.

New Zealand faces a similar situation over the euthanasia bill. Whatever people did or have prayed until now, prayer has failed. The euthanasia bill passed 69 to 51 leaving New Zealander’s to decide on euthanasia next year, in the elections. If our prayers could not change the minds of a few politicians, it certainly will not change the public’s minds. Only intercession will bring us through. This requires a new level of godliness and obedience from God’s people.

When we joined Dutch Sheets interceding for America, there were about 3K intercessors. When we joined Malaysia there were about 1K. During the Queen St. days there were maybe 600-700 intercessors and we saw New Zealand change. Changing a nation requires numbers and godliness. Rees Howells proved this over and over again. Lack one of these and a nation will not change.

In 1975 the Auckland AOG changed the country. I am shocked, with so many mega Churches in New Zealand, why does the country continue to backslide? New Zealand should be going from glory to glory. Something is seriously wrong and it does not take a prophet to see this.

The church’s prayers are falling to the ground and not changing the country. Certainly there are many good things happening in the churches, and this is encouraging, but the country is backsliding with no end in sight. The country has the numbers but it does not have the level of godliness needed to change the nation.

In 2015 God spoke through Pas Tak Bhana saying, if the Church turns from her sin God will heal the land, 2 Chronicles 7:14. Pas Tak Bhana’s message to the New Zealand churches was simple, “Obey God immediately, turn from all known sin and preach the gospel!” New Zealand’s prophets have also spoken, saying what God requires of the Church, and the consequences if they do not change. A group of us spent three months interceding for the Church but still the country backslides. Clearly the Church has not responded and continues to walk in their own ways.

After a time of repentance and consecration, Rees Howells’s Bible College spent four years interceding. The cost was high. The Holy Spirit would show Rees about each battle then Rees and the college interceded. For four years they prayed each morning, each afternoon and each evening. A tremendous commitment. Change in NZ will not come easily, nor will it come cheaply.

For each prayer point the College would pray fervently until the Holy Spirit said, I have heard your prayer the answer is on the way! Then they would stand in faith until the answer came. Many times, the College had victory in the spirit long before news came on the radio. WW2 ended with the defeat of the Nazis.

The answer for New Zealand is clear, 2 Chronicles 7:14. Legalising social marijuana and euthanasia will be voted on next year. Parliament is now considering more expansive abortion laws. These will bring three more curses on the land! I am seeking the Lord for a way forward but now the situation is critical.

I believe God can move but the problem is not God. The problem is the Church! Will she respond? Intercessors, now the time is urgent. Seek God with all your heart, asking him for a way forward then obey him. God has an amazing call for the country, to usher in the final great world revival (Derek Prince, Smith Wigglesworth).

Let’s not be like Israel who missed their day of visitation!

Your seeking ones
Tim & Faith

PS We continue to intercede for Malaysia, “The Deep State” in America, the Israeli elections and Netanyahu’s trial, the Koreas and our people group. We are seeing some progress on several fronts but it is a very challenging time. Please also spare a prayer for us, thanks!

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