Pandemic planned or coincidental?

Was the pandemic orchestrated and suppression of Covid treatments planned or are these events coincidental?

Robert Kennedy Jn exposes the financial links between NIH, CDC, Dr. Fauci and BigPharma. These links between NIH and BigPharma, the CDC copyrights for Covid vaccines and Dr. Fauci’s financial connections with vaccines, are serious ethical violations which Government departments must not allow.

What is clear, vital treatments were prevented and obstructed by Governments, medical officials and hospitals when thousands of lives could have been saved. Government integrity and people’s trust in these vital services have been violated and will take years to repair.

We can tell the quality of a society by the care we give the weak and vulnerable. Society has dropped to a new low in compassion, at a time when people claim to be more broadminded and tolerant.

It is time for the church to rise up being salt and light in the community, caring for the sick and vulnerable, showing the way out of this crisis of compassion. Stand up, speak up and pray.

RoganPod: It Was All Premeditated, to Promote the Vax – Dr. Peter McCullough Drops the Motherlode on Joe Rogan

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