NZ “No jab No job” court case

Lawyer Sue Grey says the Judge sounded genuinely interested in the facts of her case. Sue Grey said the “No jab No job” law is extreme when the Delta variant is less dangerous than the flu.

“His Honour Justice Cooke had reserved his decision to give the Crown the opportunity to respond by 5pm Wednesday on science in Dr Febery’s second affidavit and then allow 2days for us to make submissions. He has promised to deliver his decision as soon as possible after that.” Odysee

Keep praying for His Honour Justice Cooke, wisdom from above, see the truth clearly and make an honest judgement

Odysee: Sue Grey Interview – ‘No Jab No Job’ Wgtn High Court Case 221021—-No-Jab-No-Job-IV-221021:d

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