Is Fauci telling the truth?

We know Fauci lied to the public and Congress about covid-19, twice to the public. First he lied about masks then about his departments, gain of function financial support.

This begs the question. Is he telling the truth when he says, he can not give a definitive answer about natural immunity? Doesn’t he have years of experience with corona viruses after SARS? 19 months after the covid-19 pandemic began, hasn’t he researched this?

Research has found people who contracted SARS have immunity 18 years later. Seven months after people contracted covid-19 they still have immunity. Covid-19 dies immediately when contacting people with natural immunity. Israel research found natural immunity superior to vaccines.

Antibodies from vaccines have weakened after 6 months so Pfizer and Moderna are asking to authorise boosters. People who are fully vaccinated have huge viral loads in their noses, spreading covid-19 to others. This has prompted the Singapore government to advise citizens to wash their nose and mouth regularly with iodine. Clearly natural immunity is far superior to the vaccines.

Doesn’t Fauci know any of this? I find it hard to believe.

It is a sad state of affairs when people can no longer trust their health agencies.

CNN: Is Natural Immunity Better Than The Vaccine? Fauci Doesn’t Know

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