Holly Watson: “It’s Time to Emerge! The Billion Soul Harvest Has Begun!”

It is time for the Church of America to rise up and bring in the harvest. This will bring a strong move to the right in politics, pushing out the extreme socialists and shift the nation to be a shining light on a hill.

Let’s keep praying!

ElijahList: The Billion Soul Harvest. As the West Coast has become a witness to the sight of these beautiful butterflies soaring up the coastline, “the billion soul harvest” prophecy by Bob Jones has definitely resonated in many of our hearts. It’s not uncommon for this beautiful breed of butterfly to make its way north during the spring of each year. However, this year, 1 billion butterflies are forecasted to migrate to their new home in the Northwest, after having sojourned through the state of California.

I hear the Spirit of the Lord say, “Now is the time for My Church to arise and shine for her light has come. Where barrenness and a depletion of life have inflicted a rebellious and lost generation, a harvest of new souls are emerging for such a time as this. I AM moving in new ways and in new power in the most unexpected places in the land.

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