Germany sued by Dr. Fuellmich

Dr. Fuellmich is an experienced lawyer, even suing the German Deutsche Bank and the Volkswagen car company. Dr.Fuellmich has strong words against the German Government, vaccine manufacturers and WHO.

He believes these entities have been deliberately killing people as part of the World Economic Forum plan to depopulate the world. Whether we agree with him or not, millions have died unnecessarily.

We see from Dr. Fauci’s emails, the doctor lied to America about the masks, severity of covid and funding of dangerous research. He and Dr. Collins also spoke out against the first two pillars of pandemic response, containing the virus and treatments. Millions have died because of their actions.

We also find financial connections these people, the CDC and the FDA have with the vaccines and BigPharma. This should never be. We all know how money can blind our eyes and influence our decisions.

Keep declaring justice be done to all those responsible for destructive masks lockdowns and vaccines, God in his judgment show mercy, wisdom and insight for all those bringing cases to the courts


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