Election fraud, The way forward

Update 6th Jan. VP Pence did not take Jenna Ellis’s advice and is taking a vote for the disputed States. It is impossible to win this unless God moves miraculously. Let’s keep declaring God move on the hearts of all Senate and Congress, opening their eyes to the truth of fraud and vote for a forensic analysis of all election materials.

Dutch Sheets was give a word, support Trump’s lawyers with our prayers. Trump’s lawyer Jenna Ellis says, the best things is for VP Pence to push the Electoral College votes back to the States and allow the Legislators to resolve it. This is what the Constitution requires. The Electoral College does not decide the electoral count, although this has been the tradition, but the Legislative branch decides.

Governors and Secretary of State’s in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona and Nevada changed the election laws just before the election. That is illegal so the State Legislators can reject the results from those States. The Legislators also have subpoena power to seize envelopes with signatures and names, mail in ballots and the counting machines. Forensic audits of all these articles will quickly find how many fraudulent votes were cast. According to forensic experts it would take a few days to analyze computers for fraudulent ballots, signatures and switched votes.

Each State Legislator can then present a revised (a true one) count of the election results. VP Pence then announces the true Electoral College count and Trump is President for another term. Bingo, problem solved quickly and easily.

Lord give VP Pence wisdom tomorrow (6th Jan) to resolve the fraudulent votes in the battleground States. Give him strength and courage to do the right thing and preserve the Constitution and law!

Others have suggested letting Congress decide the Electoral College votes. This is certain to lose because Senate and Congress need a 60% majority to pass. That is impossible.

We are praying VP Pence will follow Trump’s lawyers advice, according to the dream given Dutch Sheets.

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