Crimes against humanity

Dr. Peter McCullough gives an overview and update on the Covid pandemic, challenging those preventing scientific discussion which cost tens of thousands of lives.

Those who demonised and prevented the use of Covid treatments, committed crimes against humanity. They should be prosecuted and sentenced severely.

Now we know the Covid virus is not as deadly as Governments say, that vaccines are dangerous and ineffective, the fully vaccinated can be super spreaders and lockdowns are destructive. Why do some countries still persist with these lies?

Notice the low rate of infections from Delta(on far right of graph), in countries which did not vaccinate highly nor lockdown, compared to those which are highly vaccinated and locked down.

deaths per million

Lord open nation’s eyes to the truth about Covid’s lack of severity and the effectiveness of treatments, the destruction of lockdowns, the scam of forced vaccinations and passports

Rumble: Dr. Peter McCullough delivers the rationale for why both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated need home treatment in high-risk scenarios to prevent hospitalization and death. The speech finishes with a bold challenge to those who are attempting to crush the rights to have free speech, scientific discourse, and a fair exchange of ideas to help patients and the world through the crisis.

In this final keynote lecture of the Annual Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA, Dr. Peter McCullough, gives an evidence-based review on the COVID-19 pandemic, the safety, and efficacy of the vaccinations.

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