Immunologist provides facts about natural immunity

People who contracted the coronavirus SARS, have immunity 18yrs later! Natural immunity also kills covid-19.

Covid-19 vaccines only last 6 months and do not kill covid-19, as found in Israel, where fully vaccinated people spread the virus! Clearly natural immunity is far superior.

Now the FDA is telling people not to test for antibodies! Vaccines are not perfect so people should check for antibodies after vaccination!

Why would anyone be so foolish or stupid to vaccinate people with natural immunity or prevent testing for antibodies? These people are making fools of themselves but the public have woken up.

Pray truth and science win over foolishness and control

FoxNews: Sep. 09, 2021 – 4:04 – Dr. Hooman Noorchasm joins ‘Fox News @ Night’ to discuss vaccine mandates for immune, COVID recovered

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