Malaysia’s Constitution faces threats again

The previous administration under PM Muhyiddin refused to hold a confidence vote in Parliament despite the Constution. Now AG Harun is saying a vote would affect the King’s authority.

This contradicts the King’s statement saying, PM Sabri should take a confidence vote. The new government must have a confidence vote otherwise it simply repeats Muhyiddin’s error of lacking support from most MPs, which will cause further instability.

After reinstalling most of the previous MPs, PM Sabri installs former PM Muhyiddin to lead Malaysia’s recovery. If the former PM and Government failed, will the same people make any difference? I hope so. We will see if they remove previous non performing policies.

Keep declaring Malaysia have a righteous government and all corrupt officials brought to justice

FMT: Aziz said Attorney-General Idrus Harun’s contention that the motion would affect the King’s authority was “bizarre and questionable”, and said the King himself had urged that Ismail Sabri Yaakob subject himself to confirmation through a confidence motion.

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