Ivermectin’s outstanding history in curing covid-19 and viruses

CNN and other outlets lied about Ivermectin and Governments prevented it’s use, costing tens of thousands of lives. A Swedish doctor is suing for crimes against humanity and so he should.

Watch the video below for the full story on ivermectin’s history and it’s success with covid-19. An amazing story.

Ivermectin’s success in India

Dr. Fauci continues to push vaccines which do not work but not treatments which do work! He lied to Congress about the seriousness of covid-19 and to the public about masks. He claims he cannot give a definitive answer about natural immunity. He needs to go!

Governments, fake media and medical officials who continue to spread fear and lie about covid-19 must go. Keep standing up, speaking up and vote them out of office.

Remember Ivermectin must be prescribed by a doctor and not confused with products for animals.

Keep declaring Governments wake up and follow the science, end lock downs, end mandates and drop the passports, provide treatments of HCQ and IVM, the People stand up speaking the truth to their Government officials and media

OANN: Despite doctor testimonials, clinical trials and international studies showing the efficacy of Ivermectin, mainstream media continues to suppress information regarding the drug as a treatment for COVID-19.

One America News would like to shed light on the history and the benefits of Ivermectin by showing a video recently posted to Rumble by a user called ‘Temporarily Grounded.’

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