NZ stats show Delta equivalent to flu

Two people have died from the Delta variant, out of 1,448 cases, in NZ according to MP Dr. Vertall. Virtually all cases were unvaccinated therfore fatality from Delta is 0.14%! The flu is 0.2% fatal therefore Delta is just as deadly as the flu!

Is it worth locking down a country, destroying families and businesses, when Delta is just as deadly as a flu? There have been flu seasons twice as worse as this.

The NZ MOH claims the vaccinated are far less likely to be hospitalised but it is not correct to draw conclusions from such a small sample of 88 people. Researchers know these simple principles of research and would ridicule such statements as incorrect.

We should look to Israel, who have vaccinated over 60% of their 9.3M population. Their MOH say, 86% of fully vaccinated people are hospitalized with Delta. This confirms US statistics showing vaccines are not effective against Delta.

This confirms Dr. McCullough’s assessment of the Pfizer vaccine. The vaccine is Alpha variant specific so would only be useful against Alpha not mutations.

Keep declaring Governments tell the truth and follow the science, end lock downs, end mandates and drop the passports, provide treatments of HCQ and IVM, the People stand up and speak the truth to their Government officials

NZHerald: As of 8am yesterday, there were 855 (the correct number is 1,448) cases so far in the outbreak: 702 were unvaccinated, 115 had had one dose, and 38 had had two doses.

That means 84 out of the 88 cases in hospital – or 95 per cent – had not had a single dose of the Pfizer vaccine more than two weeks before testing positive.

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