More liars and Leftists

February 16, 2023 Tim 0

Although we do not want to become judgmental, we must also learn to be discerning. Jesus warned in the last days people will lie to […]

Globalist agenda and money

February 15, 2023 Tim 0

The Globalist agenda is becoming clearer each day. The Covid crisis was organised on a global scale, possibly by the World Economic Forum or following […]

FBI election interference

February 13, 2023 Tim 0

Rep. Boebert gives clear evidence of Twitter and FBI interfering in the election. Then the FBI puts out a statement saying people should not spread […]

Liars and Leftists

February 10, 2023 Tim 0

The People are waking up, knowing the extreme left and liberals continue to lie, hoping people will believe them. Tucker breaks down the real condition […]

Twitter File No. 15

January 31, 2023 Tim 0

A think tank of former Ambassador, CIA, NSA and DHS staff claimed 600 odd accounts were Russian disinformation, when in fact the accounts were owned […]