At this Point, Mueller Probe is ‘Harassment’

Why we must keep praying! God said the Mueller probe will hang on their own gallow(Cindy Jacobs). Many are getting tired of hearing about the Mueller probe but we must not get weary, we must keep persevering in faith until “The Deep State” hangs. Let’s keep proclaiming God’s promise.

In this video Tom Fitton is calling the probe, harassment. When we look at the way Mueller is digging around in people’s past and indicting them for what they did 15yrs ago yet ignoring Clinton and others known crimes, we have to agree with Tom. Let’s be strong in faith.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton appeared on “Fox & Friends First” weighed in on the special counsel probe’s impact over the last year and what it could mean for Mueller’s final report, reportedly expected by February.

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